Hi I'am Avinash Pawar.

I'm a Data Science enthusiast, Full Stack developer and Creative individual from Maharashtra, India. I'm passionate about finding innovative solutions to complex problems using technology.

In addition to my work as a developer, I also enjoy expressing my creativity through Photography, Painting, and Illustration work. Whether it's capturing a beautiful landscape or creating a colorful digital artwork, I find that these hobbies help me stay inspired and bring a fresh perspective to my work.

I have experience working with a variety of data science tools such as Python, R, SQL, Julia, TensorFlow, D3.js, Tableau, PowerBi. As a web developer and graphic designer, I have a broad range of experience working with a variety of technologies, including back-end programming languages such as PHP and Java, front-end engineering technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and ReactJS.

I'm extremely passionate about Artificial Intelligence and design in all its forms. Whether it's creating a visually stunning website or developing custom ML algorithms, I thrive on finding creative solutions that meet my clients' unique needs. When I'm not coding or designing, I enjoy trekking through remote jungles and spending time with my friends and fellow wildlife activists. Connecting with nature is essential for staying grounded and inspired, and I'm always looking for new ways to integrate my love of the natural world into my work.

I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow as a engineer. If you're interested in collaborating or just want to chat, feel free to reach out!


Fashion MNIST Insights

Fashion MNIST analysis: Clustering, visualization, neural network training, and performance evaluation with learning rates.


AI Smart Mirror

Magic Mirror - A Raspberry pi powered smart mirror with integrated apps such as weather, music, news, and a voice-activated assistant.


Map-reduce based Search Engine

Deliveres lightning-fast search results with Map-Reduce based search engine, leveraging Google Cloud Functions to mine and query 1000's of Project Gutenberg books.


Parallel K-means Clustering

Utilizing HPC parallel computing, our project performs Parallel K-means Clustering With C++ using MPI and multithreading on a 1000-node machine


Predicting Insurance Data

Explore insurance data prediction using Linear Regression and Polynomial Regression models with regularization and validation analysis.


Public Health Narratives Around Covid-19

Uncover Covid-19 trends through immersive visualizations, leveraging Google BigQuery on the GDELT dataset with 200 GB data.


COVID-19 Awarness Quiz

Fuly Responsive COVID-19 Awarness Quiz. For Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Has more than 1M Responses.


Sign Language MNIST Exploration

Analyzed Sign Language MNIST using Multinomial Logistic Regression, SVM with kernels, and Random Forest with feature importance.


Content Mgmt System

Fully automated Multi Editor Content Management System for veriety of Web Templates.


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